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We are not much of a drop in a sea.

We are insignifiant in our galaxy or universe.

We are not in control of anything.




The Foundations

Once upon a time in early 1988, one man laid his hands upon a guitar and decided to start a band in the style of Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Cap de Craniu


Cap de Craniu




Celest s-a nascut in 1995, cand Horatiu Bodocan (chitara), Radu Bucura (tobe), Florin Daniel Musat (chitara bas) si Adrian Teposu (voce) au luat hotararea sa puna la cale un grup de metal progresiv, sub influenta trupelor care au marcat decada cu pricina - Dream Theater, Queensryche etc. 
Schimbarile destul de dese de lineup au stat in calea unei activitati sustinute, asa incat abia acum, in 2010, noi, celestii, ne putem mandri cu un album full-length, inregistrat in componenta (Horatiu Bodocan - chitara, Septimiu Harsan - tobe, Sebastian Iliescu - clape, Florin Daniel Musat - bas, Cristi Constantin Stan - voce) - POLIGAM -, scris in spiritul a ceea ce trebuia de la inceput sa insemne numele Celest: metal progresiv. Luna mai 2011 aduce si o schimbare in componenta astfel Cristi este inlocuit de John.



Trupa CO@13 reprezinta o reformare a trupei "Obsesia" intr-o noua componenta.

Ciprian Aurelian Georgescu (Obsy) - voce, chitara acustica
Carol-Alexandru Magyari - chitara solo, backing vocals
Bogdan-Constantin Cristea - tobe, backing vocals
Marc Spedalska - bass, backing vocals




Code Red was formed in 2004 on Brasov, Romania, by vocalist and guitarist Andrei Calmuc, bassist Marius Muntean, guitarist Adrian Vitanescu, and Gabi Barani on drums. "Stronger Than Lust" was their first official release, in 2006. The drummer Gabi Barani left the country in 2007 and the band split-up.

Crimena 2015

The band's story begins in April 2012 when Cristi Opranescu suggested that him, Vali and Cosmin should play one or two songs opening for Truda's concert in Craiova. The idea stuck and was quickly materialized.


Days Of Confusion

Days of Confusion is a Romanian alternative metal/post grunge band, that started out as the home project of two friends in early 2010 and slowly rose to be one of the most prominent bands in the Romanian underground at the moment, its members being part of various other well known local bands and projects.


DIRTY SHIRT is one of the most active and original rock bands in Romania and winner of 2nd prize at WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2014. Its unique style results from the combination of rock/metal with various other musical elements: Romanian folk music, funk, electro, world music, etc.

Epileptic Outbreak


Epileptic Outbreak


false reality


Fondata in decembrie 1998, False Reality a activat in underground-ul metal romanesc pana in primavara anului 2003, evoluand alaturi de trupe ca God, Negura Bunget, Indian Fall, Interitus Dei etc.
Dupa o pauza de 8 ani, False Reality a revenit pe scena in primavara lui 2011, cu o noua componenta, pastrand stilul abordat in perioada anterioara de activitate - melodic death metal.

fusion core


FusionCore can be defined as a nu-jazz band, which gathers many musical genres from jazz to funk, bossa nova, progressive rock an even metal.


FusionCore can be defined as a nu-jazz band that brings together musical genres from jazz to funk, bossa nova, progressive rock or metal.



Hteththemeth este una dintre cele mai enigmatice apariții pe scena metal, cu un stil unic şi fără o limită de exprimare, muzica neumană practicată de trupă sare fără timiditate de la metal cu elemente ambient și influente de black, ajungând până la blues și bossa nova. Conceptual, Hteththemeth se găsește în faţa unui peisaj plin de sentimente, unele plăcute, altele reci, unele confuze, altele depline.


I Stared Into The Forest is a hardcore band from Brasov, Romania. Their sound is a mix of different hardcore styles, with emphasis on "real screamo" and metallic "math" hardcore. The band is built on diy ethics, a love of freedom and a strong stance against discrimination. 

Implant Penru Refuz


Implant pentru Refuz escapes the safe routine and constantly adventures beyond the comfort zone. For the past 17 years they've been broadcasting from the underground an incongruous second tone, meant to erode the omnipresent white-noise of the surface.

Indian Fall 2015


Indian Fall isi are radacinile ingropate in acea stare de spirit pe care doar muzica o produce. Hoinarind in adolescenta prin Carpati impreuna cu Mircea Fulea (keyboard), Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin sau Vangelis generau discutii indelungate. Old School rock n roll nu era insa totul. Asa s-a invatat chitara cu Adi Vitanescu.

Negative Core Project

Negative Core Project (groove/death-core) reprezinta scena underground romaneasca de mai bine de 6 ani ,primul album - "Spread the Disease" fiind lansat in 2012, imediat dupa aparitia primului videoclip oficial, "Psalm of Mockery", promovate printr-un turneu impreuna cu “Eufobia” (BG) si “Soul Sacrifice” (TUR). Feedback-ul primit a fost pozitiv, trupa fiind invitata ca opening act la concertele Napalm Death Brujeria si Veil of Maya din Bucuresti.

Negura Bunget


The Name

A powerful dark presence of an intense nature, connected with the local nature and with its spirit, ascending and descending, shaping through the clouds of the present. You can sometimes feel it is there, but you cannot grab it. Only your clean mind and soul can came close of its presence. From the very beginning we shaped ourselves into relating with it, so that is now part of us. That’s how we understand Negură Bunget.





We express our way of life thru hardcore music.We began our journey in the year of 2000. There were many changes in our lives who determined us to be who we are today.



Tiarra band was set up in the year 2004.


The initial project had a more simple formula than it has now and its style was a more aggressive one, mainly gothic-black. The founding members were 4 young rockers: Alex, Gil, Anda, John that is: a guitar player, a drummer, a female vocal, and a keyboard player.

Whispering Woods


The idea of Whispering Woods came to life during 2008 when two good friends decided to start a musical project which would have as a main character the symphonic genre. Even though it was a common genre at the time and many bands had both commercial and stage success, the idea was kept alive by the thought of making a kind of musical show based on a conceptual idea. Thus, the songs which developed in time to form the debut album, Fairy Woods, are sustained by a concept story in which the listener is the main character who takes part in an imaginary journey through a mystical place where everything is possible.

REF 2014: Making of

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